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Can we freeze nuts to make them last longer?

Except for shelled pistachios, you can freeze your organic nuts to help them last longer. To do this, keep each separate kind of nut in an air-tight container and put it in the freezer. Most nuts can last a year in the freezer, while others can last longer.

How can we afford to sell organic nuts at wholesale prices?

We founded our company to make organic food affordable for everyone. We are able to offer such competitive wholesale prices because we buy direct from Australian Certified Organic producers and in high volume. This lets us pass the savings onto other businesses and individuals in our community. Subsequently, our entire range is both affordable and free from pesticides and synthetic chemicals.

Is there a maximum order size for wholesale organic nuts?

Yes. The current maximum order size is 500 kg. However, if you contact our team, we may be able to assist you with orders over 500 kg.

What’s the minimum order size when buying bulk organic nuts?

There is no minimum order size for our wholesale organic nuts. If you only need one packet, you can still purchase it at our wholesale price. We’re committed to making organic food accessible and affordable for everybody.

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