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Why is quinoa considered a superfood?

Quinoa is considered a superfood because of its high nutritional value. Many researchers refer to it as the 'golden grain'. Compared to many grains, quinoa is much higher in protein and has an optimal balance of essential amino acids. Also, it's an excellent source of iron, zinc, and dietary fibre.

What is the maximum amount of wholesale rice and quinoa we can purchase?

You can purchase up to 500 kg of rice or quinoa per order. At Terra Madre, we understand your business may rely on a large number of grains to serve your customers. Whether you're a restaurant, food co-op, bulk store, or other business that relies on organic grains, at Terra Madre, we make it easy to bulk buy rice and quinoa. If you'd like to purchase more than 500 kg per order, contact our friendly staff.

Can we pick up our bulk rice or quinoa from your warehouse?

While we offer quick and easy delivery straight to your business, you can come and pick up your bulk order from our warehouse. Contact our team to ensure your order is ready for pick up.

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